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We realize that there are some people who still like to pay for things by writing out checks.  (Yes, checks: those charming, antiquaited things!  Like stick-shift cars and muzzle-loading rifles!  Some folks just get attached to the old ways.)

If you'd like to buy a book from Abdiel Productions, just fill out a check or money order and send it to...

ABDIEL Productions

4802 Nassau Ave. NE #31

Tacoma, WA 98422


Sebastian Reckless (Book 1)                    SOLD OUT

Sebastian Reckless Book 2, Part 1           $8.00

Sebastian Reckless Book 2, Part 2           $8.00

Sebastian Reckless Book 2, Part 3           $10.00

The Fearless Force                                  SOLD OUT

The Umbrella of the Gardener's Aunt        $12.00

Shipping:                                                 $3.00/book

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