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This page is under construction.  Soon we'll have some very interesting stuff for teachers, such as writing exercises you can assign to your class.

At Abdiel Productions we appreciate teachers (a job only slightly less stressful than "offical car-starter for a Colombian judge") and we want to help you any way we can.  Sharing some of Rushton's writing exercises just might do that.  It's the next best thing to having one of his startling, inspiring (and somewhat terrifying) classroom visits.



What's this "Classroom visit" I've heard tell about?


Hold onto your hat.  What you get is Rushton Howard coming into your classroom to tell your students about the mixture of fun and hard work that goes into the creation of a book.  Some of the things he likes to discuss...

Organize your thoughts!  Outline your book-to-be, and then outline your outline.  Nothing wonderful or worthwhile happens without a plan.

Rework it with several drafts!  The first time you touch your pen to the paper you are not writing your final version.  Get used to this idea before you begin!

Write what others can understand!  If someone reads it and says, “I don’t get it,” you are forbidden — absolutely forbidden! — to say anything other than “OK, I’ll go rewrite it.”  No other option.  No second scenario.  You will rewrite until total strangers can comprehend your words.

In teaching writing and illustrating to kids, Mr. Howard is obsessed with two things:

1.) FINISH IT!  If you lose interest halfway through your project it's because you didn't plan properly.  Planning dispels the overwhelming stuff that leads to procrastination.

2.) WRITE (OR DRAW) IT AGAIN!  If you think you've written the perfect story (or drawn the perfect picture) in your first attempt and it needs no revision, then you're lying to yourself.

And not only does he discuss this monumentally important stuff, but he does so with verve and wit.  What if you could have Jim Carrey teach writing?  Well, you can.  Rushton Howard is just the free version of Jim Carrey.  With nearly 30 years of acting experience (in children's theatre), there isn't a roomful of 10-year-olds that he can't handle!  And with his boundless energy (fueled by nothing more exotic than grapefruit juice) he will enthrall your students.  Seriously!  Did you read those testimonials?  The guy's a dynamo!

FREE?  Free of charge?

Yup.  Mr. Howard has no intention of draining the already-strained coffers of your school district.  (He thinks authors that charge for school visits should be jailed.)  He will gladly meet your class without charging any speaker's fee.  What he gets from selling the kids their personally autographed copies of Sebastian Reckless is his only income in this venture.

How far will this author travel to meet his fans?

Rushton says: "If you provide the plane ticket, I'll travel just about anywhere that isn't on the State Department's watchlist.  (So, I think this nixes Nebraska.  Sorry.)  I live in Tacoma, Washington, so let's be realistic.  I can drive anywhere in Washington or Oregon.  But if I'm going to drive for several hours, I'm going to want to visit several classes; and it sure would be swell if you could guarantee me that I'd sell more than 3 books.  It all depends on the distance and my general mood at the time you contact me.  In other words, every situation is different.  Get in touch and we'll hash out the details."

How do I set this up?

Just drop us an email: bookings@abdielproductions.com.  Rushton would be delighted to comply!


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