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Sebastian Reckless

Sebastian Reckless is the most brilliant ten-year-old on the globe.  He speaks over four-dozen languages, composes music for orchestras, and has designed and built his own airplane, submarine, spaceship and a tank that can tunnel through solid rock.  Because of this brilliance, he has been given a note signed by the President of the United States that says he is legally allowed to skip school for the rest of his life... as long as he saves the world when we're all in peril.  So that's what he does day and night: leaps into danger to rescue civilization.

In Book One of the series, Sebastian meets a girl named Tessa Dumont who has discovered that the source of unlimited wealth is also the source of unlimited Evil!

The Fearless Force

Ten-year-old Maria Fuente discovers some strange goings-on at her elementary school.  One of the fifth-grade teachers is attempting to rule the world with a mind control machine (and some help from the principal, the janitor and the playground bully).  Thankfully, there is a pack of comic book nerds at the school with the necessary skills (and weird costumes) to battle such a villain!

Sebastian Reckless
and the Long-Forgotten Kings, Part 1

Three atomic bombs have been stolen — one from China, one from Israel, and one from the United States.  Sebastian and Tessa have only one clue: a Russian thug who has slipped into a trance and makes noises like a cow.  Soon, the heroes are led from a motorcycle chase through San Francisco to Vinson Massif (the tallest peak on Antarctica).

Rushton says, “When I finished writing Sebastian Reckless Book 2, it was over 1,000 pages long! So I decided to chop it into 3 books. That’s why there’s a Sebastian Reckless and the Long-Forgotten Kings, Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3. I know it’s a bit odd, but instead of calling them ‘Book 2, 3 and 4’ of the series, I’ve decided to call them ‘Book 2 (Part 1), Book 2 (Part 2), and Book 2 (Part 3).”

Sebastian Reckless
and the Long-Forgotten Kings, Part 2

The hunt for the missing atomic bombs takes Sebastian and Tessa to Egypt, where they face an army of mummies.  There is, of course, much more to the book, but really: what more do you need to know in order to buy it?  "An army of mummies" pretty much says it all!

Sebastian Reckless
and the Long-Forgotten Kings, Part 3

Our heroes are dragged forward in time and then back into the ancient past.  Sebastian must face his weakness: chronohodophobia.  And if you don't know what chronohodophobia is, then this book will be very educational for you.

The Umbrella Of The Gardener's Aunt Is In The House: A Story For Christmas

A tiny Montana town finds itself in a dustup as their traditional Nativity in the park comes under fire. Into the fray steps a returning native son: world-renowned avant-garde sculptor R. Conrad Hughes — hired to create the abstract art that will replace the antique manger scene. Is his old high school crush “Miss Heaven” the powerful secret weapon that can alter his course… or is there a different, twisted, vengeful, and far more sinister plan brewing? A collection of shocking email attachments brings a mind-boggling revelation, while a truck rolls into town with a ghastly cargo! Soon the scandal-hungry national news media are rocketing in with more than enough matches needed to ignite this leaky can of cultural gasoline.


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