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The Art


Sebastian Reckless contains 16 full-color illustrations done by the author himself.  Below you can see an example of how Mr. Howard assembles a picture.

Sebastian needs to have brilliant-looking books all over his house. Here's the black and white version.
You can't tell in this tiny version (and you probably can't in the finished book) but one of the books is "Hamlet." However, I think you can see the copy of something by "Plato."
Before this picture, I did the decorated edge of the rug as a straight-on thing, then I bent it sideways to give it the right depth. Sadly, I lost the first sketch of the rug pattern. It was pretty cool.
Looking at it now, I wish I had put some intricate Chinese pattern all over it. But, at the time I did it, I just wanted to be done! If I had spent another day on it, I would've lost my mind!
Pretty basic. The French pattern on the wallpaper was drawn by hand, I think about 3 times, then repeated over and over with my computer.
At last! A person! It's pretty dreary drawing chairs and books (and especially FLOORS!).
It's finally taking shape! We just need some color...
But we're not done yet! Now we need the details: the light and shadow.
Looks fabulous! ...For a guy in complete misery.
Here's that same chair with color. As you can see, a lot of the lines that used to be black have been changed to brown or green, so they don't stick out so much.
Here's a scribbled version of the statue that goes atop the books. Most people think this is William Shakespeare, but it's not. Any guesses who it is?
Any guesses yet? He's a guy who lived at the same time as Shakespeare. He's a poet.
It's John Donne (pronounced "Dunn"). He wrote "Death be not proud..."
In the end, I said, "Hey, the danged wall's blank!" So I decided to hang a Chinese tapestry. I think I copied this dragon off of a restaurant menu. I don't quite remember.
I'm pretty sure I drew only a quarter of this, and then repeated it with the computer to get the full border.
A few colors and details later, I had my dragon banner and I was done. Assemble all these puzzle pieces and you have yourself a groovy picture!
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