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Everyone asks us, "Hey, can I buy your book at my local bookstore?  Can I buy it on one of those great big bookselling web-sites?" 

Yes, yes!  We understand: It doesn't feel like a "real" book unless you can buy it from one of those gigantic stores.  Problem is: Rushton doesn't make much money when they're sold that way.  The gigantic stores take a gigantic cut, y'know! 

If you buy directly from ABDIEL, we will love you forever (or nearly love and nearly forever).  And we promise you that it is a "real" book.  None of our customers has ever had one of our books fade into another dimension or pass right through their hands.  It is a solid object; completely real.

You can buy books from ABDIEL two ways:


Pay through our ONLINE SHOP,


or pay by check through the post.


Direct any questions to orders@abdielproductions.com


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