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For those wondering what I've been up to recently (as I've had a lot of requests for a new book release), here's the score: I've taken time off from writing books to work with my old script-writing partner Greg Gamble. It's always a blast, because the dude's kind of a genius y'know, and we've been working together for so long that it always feels like we're back in high school.

We've concocted a whole heap of scripts for a new TV series idea (no, I'm not telling what it is) and we're in the process of trying to sell it.

There's also a strong possibility that I'll be putting on one of my plays later this year here in Tacoma, so if you're in the area do come and see it!



As for facebook...

Not interested.

You might have noticed that I deleted the Rushton Howard page from facebook. Yeah, that was intentional. It wasn't forwarding things to my email anymore (for some reason), so people were asking me questions there and I wasn't responding because I didn't know anything had been posted. And I was just not into it, checking it, updating it, and all that.

I'm more than happy to engage with fans, parents of fans, teachers, fellow writers, stalkers, enemies, trolls, imaginary people, A.I. bots posing as humans, alien beings, mind control handlers, etc. So feel free to drop me a line through this website, or by my other email: sargassoray@aol.com.

I do have a "normal" facebook presence under the name Lee Rushton Howard, but nothing much happens there. I don't post anything. I just have it because my wife wants me to have it, in case friends of ours post things.

I'm just not much into the whole social media thing.

And that Zuckerberg guy creeps me out.




I am quite sad.

It's been a rough couple of years for my kind!

With the death of bass guitar genius Chris Squire still fresh in my memory, keyboard virtuoso Keith Emerson met with a tragic end, and then Emerson's collaborator, bass guitarist and singer Greg Lake died.

Now I hear of the passing of yet another great bass player and vocalist: John Wetton!

These are the giants and geniuses of my youth!

If you're too young to know these names, it's time for a much-needed history lesson! Go to youtube and check out...

"Heart of the Sunrise" or "Starship Trooper" by Yes.

"Karn Evil 9" or "Lucky Man" by Emerson, Lake & Palmer.

And for a taste of some John Wetton, look for "Starless" by King Crimson or "Wildest Dreams" by Asia.

Let's hope my other heroes can stay healthy for a little while!



The Latest Book!

Rushton has written a novel for grown-ups this time!  (Imagine that!  And you were alive to witness the event!)  So if you're looking for a gift for mom or dad, grandma or grandpa, your aunt or your uncle, or even that strange man who hides under your house, then here you go!  Get one of these today!

The Umbrella of the Gardener's Aunt Is in the House

A tiny Montana town finds itself in a dustup as their traditional Nativity in the park comes under fire.  Into the fray steps a returning native son: world-renowned avant-garde sculptor R. Conrad Hughes — hired to create the abstract art that will replace the antique manger scene.  Is his old high school crush “Miss Heaven” the powerful secret weapon that can alter his course… or is there a different, twisted, vengeful, and far more sinister plan brewing?  A collection of shocking email attachments brings a mind-boggling revelation, while a truck rolls into town with a ghastly cargo!  Soon the scandal-hungry national news media are rocketing in with more than enough matches needed to ignite this leaky can of cultural gasoline.

It's funny, it's romantic, it's uplifting... and it's just 12 bucks (plus shipping and whatnot) at the Abdiel Productions shop!

here to read a sample chapter!  (It's big and wordy, so get a cup o' tea, and make yourself comfy.)


And now for a bit of sad news...

We're SOLD OUT of both Sebastian Reckless (Book 1) and The Fearless Force.

If you think that's a horrible situation, and you think someone needs to print up more copies, then, for gosh sakes,
buy Rushton's new Christmas book, The Umbrella of the Gardener's Aunt Is in the House!

Rushton says he's not going to print up any new stock of SR or FF if people don't buy his new book!  "That's right!  SR and FF are being held hostage until you get your parents to buy 'The Umbrella of the Gardener's Aunt!'  So there!"

BTW: You can probably still get used copies of out-of-print books at amazon.com.



Who we are: ABDIEL Productions is a company based in Tacoma, WA, and dedicated to one purpose: the manufacturing and promotion of works by Rushton Howard.  That is one purpose, right?  Well, perhaps it's two purposes.  Whatever!


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